Adding hardware drivers to Unetbootin created flash drive

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Adding hardware drivers to Unetbootin created flash drive

Postby jrbarnett » Mon Jan 23, 2017 8:31 pm

I've set myself a goal of at least moving to dual boot my desktop PC with linux in 2017 rather than just virtual machines. My main stumbling block to date has been getting my wifi running. My wifi adapter is a Netgear WNDA3100 v3 N600 which works great in Windows 10 but is not recognised out of the box in Linux (at least Mint 18). The driver CD supplied doesn't include any Linux drivers, nor are there any available to download from Netgear.

So far my best luck has been creating a bootable USB drive of Mint 18 using unetbootin which works fine, bar the wifi networking. Mint recognises the motherboard wired ethernet, but unfortunately its too far to run an ethernet cable to connect up that way.

I've done a bit of googling from Windows and it is possible to get drivers for this in Linux, but I have the following dilemma:

- Unetbootin doesn't support adding extra files to support additional hardware not covered natively
- if I save a copy of the instructions (or other files) to my bootable USB flash drive, it is no longer bootable (the idea being I could take copies of exact error messages or screenshots to further research the issue. The best I've got is to use my smartphone to take a picture of the screen.
- With Linux running natively I can't connect to the internet to research the issue while online as its too far to run a wired ethernet cable from my PC to the router.

Does anybody have any ideas please? Or am I missing something here. Are others aware of other distros including other drivers?

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