Printer works perfectly - Canon iP7250

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Printer works perfectly - Canon iP7250

Postby reactiv8 » Fri Mar 10, 2017 7:54 pm

Just to let any one know who is struggling to find a Linux-compatible printer (or other hardware) ?!? ...

Up until recently my old man had a Canon Pixma MP495 'All-in-One' multifunctional (Printer, Scanner & Copier) which was a pig to install with all releases of Mint. :evil:
The copier worked just fine 'standalone' and I never had any need of its scanning capabilities, because we already had a Canon flat-bed Scanner N670U which works perfectly with Simple Scan utility.

So, in need of a new printer I checked the Mint Hardware Database and found the Canon iP7250 "Works perfectly" !!! (with Mint 17.1 Rebecca)
Ordered one from PC World who I usually avoid like the plague, but it was a good deal bundled with spare ink here ...
Unpacked it, inserted ink cartridges, connected to desktop via USB and Bingo !!!
- Mint (17.3 Rosa 'Mate') instantly recognised it and off we went.
- The easiest install ever for yours truly with no need of the supplied CD-Rom of course (for M$ Windoze & Apple Munchkin) !!! :D

Anyway, I have found the Hardware Database invaluable and wanted to share its existence for others who might be unaware of it?! :mrgreen:

Incidentally, out of desperation, I also tied to and failed to get an Apple iPad Mini2 to connect with both printers wirelessly ...

Onwards and upwards to Linux Nirvana !!!

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