Elinks SSL error

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Elinks SSL error

Postby yzahn » Thu Jun 01, 2017 9:06 am

Hi guys,
Perhaps a geek over here can help me.
I find myself using Elinks over ssh quite often, however many https sites are not accessible even with the latest version (0.12pre6). It seems that elinks has problems with SNI. However, even after applying the patch offered at https://www.hadrons.org/~guillem/patche ... -SNI.patch, only some SNI sites work (e.g. https://www.rust-lang.org mentioned at https://stackoverflow.com/questions/363 ... and-elinks) and others - including https://www.linuxvoice.com/ - do not. I cannot see what the difference between the sites is.
[Hey, it's unthinkable that LinuxVoice should be inaccessible from the commandline! (though to be fair, lynx works fine)]
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