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Postby reklan » Tue Oct 11, 2016 2:59 pm

mickburkesnr wrote:
DJM wrote:Good to hear a positive story about a linux hardware vendor. Personally, I love Thinkpads, and they have traditionally been fairly good with linux support. However, you can't buy them without an OS (at least not in the UK), and they're expensive. Also, skylake needs a bit of sorting out. Nonetheless, I still think Thinkpads are the ultimate linux laptop - they're tough, reliable, have great keyboards, easily expandable (well looking at the X260, T460s and T460 mainly) and of course, have a trackpoint.

Totally agree with this. I replaced my T500 with an Asus laptop last year. I hadn't moved everything from the ThinkPad so I go back to it the odd time to recover some files, and it's like scratching an itch when typing on that keyboard. It's a great workhorse, and it puts the Asus to shame unfortunately especially with it's Linux support.

The one caveat I have though is the ThinkPad Edge range. Avoid them, they're horrible. Nasty to type on, nasty mouse input.

I would have to disagree with you here.. I have had a Thinkpad Edge E530 for the past 3 to 4 years (i5, 8gb and nvidia 630M gpu) as my daily machine, never had any problems at all.. Had Xubuntu on it from day one, dual booting with windows for work stuff (along with various swap out HDD for when I am testing various daily Xubuntu images)

The Keyboard and track point are great and responsive.

Its also survive many a drop and being flung from side of the car to the other.
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