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Download manager as server

Postby johnlane » Tue Jun 07, 2016 4:18 pm

Hi all,

This month's article on download managers got me thinking, so I thought that I would add one to my server, but it has to have a web-based UI.

I want something similar to Transmission but with the ability to download any URL (instead of only torrents) but the transmission dev has rejected the idea of supporting non-torrent downloads, saying "over my dead body will Transmission be an http or ftp client.".

So, in the search for an alternative, I have Aria2 running as a server and can use it via its web client or with uGet.

The problem with this is there appears to be no way to configure a download window like there is with Transmission. I want the server to run 24/7 so jobs can be dispatched to it whenever the need arises but I only want those jobs to be executed overnight. I don't think Aria2 supports scheduling.

Any ideas?
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