My love affair with Livecode

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My love affair with Livecode

Postby richmond62 » Wed Aug 17, 2016 5:03 pm

Livecode is a programming language and IDE developed in Scotland; having grown out of Hypercard, a programming
environment developed for Macintosh about 28 years ago. It is cross-platform (Mac, Win, Lin, Android, iOS, Raspberry Pi).

It has a double identity, with a Commercial version and an Open Source version.

I have programmed in Livecode since 2000, having previously worked my way through a series of
related xTalk languages such as Hypercard, Supercard, Toolbook and Metacard, having seen that they are far
more accessible that previous languages I had learnt: MiniFortran, BBC Basic, Fortran 5, Pascal V, Zilog and so on.

I would be well chuffed if LinuxVoice could run an article on this:

Richmond Mathewson.
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