Ubuntu phone - The end?

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Ubuntu phone - The end?

Postby Jarry » Tue Feb 14, 2017 11:15 pm

I've just seen this on the OMG Ubuntu site:


I couldn't quite make out from the article what the import of this was (I've got a bq Aquarius E5 running Ubuntu). Are Canonical ditching their support for phones and tablets using Ubuntu touch? I thought Canonical were pushing their mobile version of Ubuntu onto everything? Will my poor old phone soon be left to wither with even less applications and updates than it does already? Will those people who have developed apps for Ubuntu touch be abandoned? Will I have to try to understand what Snap packages are?

I took a bold step and got the Aquarius as my first smart phone (thinking I was supporting Linux, non proprietary, non Apple-Google) and I'm now wondering if it was such a good idea.
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