Top Mag' & fantastic effort.

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Top Mag' & fantastic effort.

Postby Mork » Sat Feb 22, 2014 2:55 pm

Hello LVies!
I've just read your mag' from cover to cover & as far as I'm concerned, you've nailed it on the first issue.
Most of the content was accessible to me (I'm a 1yo noob, brought out of the woodwork by the Rasp' Pi) but there was also much in there for the more experienced hacker.... I mean, 'grep games'?! What was that all about! :) but that's great too... All I can understand from this article is that Ben is way smarter than me & that his 'square bracket-squiggly bracket-caret symbol' fetish needs to be kept in check!

My LXF subs run out next month & I won't renew.

I took a year's subscription for LV for the following reasons:
1. Your podcasts are great so that gave me confidence your mag would follow suit.
2. Accross print & audio, your passion for open-source & being part of the community stands out.

I did have one doubt about taking out a subscription because I wasn't sure if it included a DVD with the mag'. I'm sure this was mentioned somewhere on your 'site but I didn't spot it. Perhaps this should be made clearer for other 'would be' subscribers?

Cheers, Guys, & thanks: your hard graft paid off

ps. Ada Lovelace: "Ye Olde Worlde Coder" article was an interesting read. Maybe you could do an article on the first: "wie-fie"?
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Re: Top Mag' & fantastic effort.

Postby M-Saunders » Sat Feb 22, 2014 3:37 pm

Hi Mork,

Thanks for your feedback, and we're very glad you like the mag! We won't be including a DVD with every issue -- perhaps three or four times a year, when there are major distro and app releases to bundle together. As you might've seen in issue 1, we've included some special Linux Voice videos as well. We plan to make a lot more!

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