Suggestion: Home Automation/IoT Special

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Suggestion: Home Automation/IoT Special

Postby Rich.T. » Wed Mar 30, 2016 3:16 pm

Have you perhaps thought about collaborating with The MagPi to produce a Linux/Raspberry Pi/Arduino, 'Home Automation/IoT Special' magazine, combining updated articles from both magazines, for the news-stands?

I'd buy it.

Please check out: ... cafad02c11

Also please look into doing an article about (Xen/Xenserver/etc. and KVM/Proxmox/etc.) virtualisation for home users, ideally focussing on the pass-through of PCI devices and GPUs in order to get cool systems set up, where you don't need to multi-boot and can play or stream games off of a Windows or StreamOS VM.
I have load of bookmarks about this stuff and I am in the lengthy process of testing it all on my hardware, but will not derail my own post at this point.

Rich. :)
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