Article Request: Operating Browsers from Containers

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Article Request: Operating Browsers from Containers

Postby DFinley » Sat Apr 30, 2016 1:44 am

Concerned about the possibility of malware arriving as an email, I use a VirtualBox VM with only a couple of browsers and a download file in it. If there is a problem, I can restore in seconds from a snapshot. This works fine on a desktop, but uses power and space on a laptop. Would someone with knowledge of containers be willing to write a short article, possibly with a script, showing how to create small containers and transfer browsers and whatever we might need to protect our computers?

If browsers in containers make us safer, as virtual machines appears to, it is something to be widely adopted. Ransomware and other crap might not be a Linux problem now, but widespread use of containers might go a long way in discouraging hackers from even trying.

I am making assumptions, of course, about what containers are and can do, but it seems silly not to segregate internet activities if it can be done with relative ease.

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