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Postby colinmcc » Fri Jul 15, 2016 11:58 pm

This month's magazine has an article, (pages 74-77) which I'm working through. I've used markdown before, and as a result of the article installed markdown_py and it works fine to do the conversion to html.
Also installed Midori to get the command line tab refresh which also worked.

But, I'm coming unstuck when trying to get entr to work. I installed it, and tried the examples but when I reach the line
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 ls test.markdown | entr sh
does nothing.. Running it and then changing test.markdown doesn't seem to trigger a rewrite of the test.html file, or a midori browser tab refresh.

The Man page on entr isn't helpful, is there a more comprehensive explanation somewhere? Thanks!
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Re: LV tutorial PUBLISHING

Postby seumac » Fri Aug 26, 2016 9:58 am

All `entr` does is watch the list of files you send it on stdin and then run the command you specify whenever one of those files changes. You can test it is working with something like:
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ls test.markdown | entr date

`entr` doesn't background itself, so switch to another terminal, make a change to`test.markdown` and save it. Now switch back to the `entr` terminal and you should see it's printed the current date & time.

If that's working, then `entr` is working fine. Next, try making sure `` is working by running it separately. Make another change to `test.markdown` and then run:
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If *that* works the way you expect, then you should be able to put the two together with:
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ls test.markdown | entr sh

And it's all good!

Note that all filenames that are used in the scripts and the commands are relative, so make sure you're in the same directory as all those files or none of them are going to work!
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